Perry S. Carbone

My Story

After graduating college in 2003, I began working in the legal settlement administration field where I discovered and honed my project management and leadership skills. I built a solid career there while continuing to work in the music industry as an engineer and performer. Nevertheless, something was missing in my professional life until I found coding. I resigned from my job and career of 11 years to pursue what has become the greatest undiscovered passion of my life.

My Technical Skills

I am mostly fluent with programming in Ruby with the Ruby on Rails framework. I am confident in building web applications with the Rails stack following a TDD/BDD workflow while utilizing necessary tools and third party services such as Rspec, Capybara, Sidekiq, Resque, Redis, Memcached, Stripe and Elastic Search. On the front end, I am comfortable working with JavaScript and jQuery, although my proficiency on the front end is less than that of the backend. I am confident with both building up prototypes using Bootstrap and contributing to the code bases of production level Rails applications. I especially enjoy working on lower-level projects related to protocol and infrastructure.

What I'm Looking For

First and foremost, I am looking to grow as a programmer. I want to work for a company that is going to help facilitate that growth by 1) allowing me to collaborate with a team of talented developers on a daily basis; 2) exposing me to new languages and frameworks; and 3) expecting the best out of me each and every day. I want to invest myself in a company that is passionate and truly cares about the market they serve and the product they deliver. I am interested in companies across all industries, but would be particularly interested in working for companies in the music or entertainment fields.

AcornCache Logo
AcornCache - A Configurable HTTP Proxy Caching Gem

AcornCache is a Ruby HTTP proxy caching library that is lightweight, configurable and can be easily integrated with any Rack-based web application. AcornCache allows you to improve page load times and lighten the load on your server by allowing you to implement an in-memory cache shared by every client requesting a resource on your server.

I presented AcornCache at a NYC Ruby Roundtable meetup on March 9, 2016. The slide deck is also available.

Software Developer, Stage39 Productions Inc.
Stage39 Logo

Developing a web application that provides interfaces for 1) client interaction, including client input of critical event information, requests, instructions, etc.; 2) musician/employee access to tailored event information, including sheet music, mp3s of musical requests, and other relevant instructions on an event-by-event basis; and 3) back-office administrative support including reporting, work flow management, and automated itinerary and 'gig-sheet' creation.

Developer, Auto-Enthusiast Startup
Stage39 Logo

Implementing various backend web application features/bug fixes and writing web-scraping scripts to assist with data aggregation in preparation for alpha release.

MyFlix App Screenshot

E-commerce NetFlix clone featuring full payment processing, account management and administration capabilities. This app was developed from ideation, wireframes and mockups through a complete TDD process with incremental feature building. Some features include email sending, payment processing, file hosting with Amazon S3, background jobs with Resque and Sidekiq and advance search with Elastic Search.

Yawp App Screenshot

'Yelp-like' web application that I built specifically to practice test-driven development.

Remeber When App Screenshot
Remember When?

Simple rails app I built for practice. Allows user to post journal entries about their children.

Blackjack App Screenshot Blackjack

This is an application that I coded in Ruby. It was developed using Sinatra and deployed via Heroku. Game features include user registration, tracking of users cash and other data using a session hash, and graphical representation (including utilization of jQuery/Ajax) of player/dealer cards and gameplay.

PostIt App Screenshot PostIt

This is a Reddit-like application that I built in Rails 4. Features include 2-factor authentication with Twilio, self-created gems to extract common logic, user roles and permissions, URL slugs, Ajax, and time-zone customization based on user profile.